Omeo Aboriginal is a privately listed company based in Randwick Sydney NSW Australia. Our business operates as an independent and part of the E-Tech Group providing a range of high-quality Project Management, Civil, Electrical and Materials Management services.

Omeo is an Aboriginal owned business and proud members of the Supply Nation. The Supply Nation register is Australia’s largest register which connects people with genuine Indigenous businesses and corporations.

As a business we have a strong commitment to the support and progression of Aboriginal People through employment culture advocacy in overcoming the disadvantage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We work closely with all our clients to develop competent inclusion strategies for recruitment, training, retention and development.

Delivering projects throughout Australia, we pride ourselves on professionalism and open communication with our clients. Our ability to understand the needs of the project, and apply key personnel with the experience and expertise to deliver to those needs, means we consistently achieve the highest standards with-out compromise to Quality, Safety and the Environment.

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