Assembling a Skilled Construction Team


When it comes to construction, attention to detail and staff loyalty is everything. Assembling a team of dedicated, skilled and productive staff will enable your projects to run smoothly and improve your bottom line. If you’re keen to make your business stand out from the crowd and develop a reputation for excellence, it all begins with your staff.

Australia is currently in the midst of a construction boom, but at the same time there is a skills shortage due to an aging workforce and a sharp reduction in the number of apprenticeships being taken up by young people. This has made it much more difficult to find suitable candidates, but E-Tech Group are here to support the development of carers with long term work and ongoing development.


Take your time

It’s never a good idea to rush a hiring decision. Take time to carefully vet each applicant, considering their skills, experience and employment history. Try to learn a bit about each person and consider whether their views and personality align with your company values and the rest of your team.

Open Communication

Communication is a vital skill within the construction industry, as you and your staff will be dealing with clients and contractors on a daily basis. You should remain open to feedback and maintain an open line of communication with your staff. Keeping your staff informed will instil a sense of trust and involvement, and it will reduce the likelihood of any misunderstandings occurring down the track. Make sure to check in and ask your staff whether they’d change anything about the working environment or what clients might be saying about your business.

Career Growth

Everyone needs a change of scene every now and then, so it’s a good idea to vary the roles of each individual staff member. Check in on a regular basis and ask them what their professional goals are, and if they feel they could be useful anywhere else within your company. Ensure that every employee has the potential to move up within the company, command senior positions and enjoy salary raises. This incentive will increase morale and on the job performance.

Upskill Assistance

Invest in the success of your employees by encouraging them to upskill. The industry is constantly changing, and there’s always room to improve. Consider the money spent on your team’s education as an investment, as they will be capable of working on larger jobs and more likely to remain with your company for the long-term. TAFE NSW offer a wide variety of courses which will keep your employees up to date with the latest regulations, and they’ll receive a certificate at the completion of the course. Whether you’re an electrician, labourer, operator, builder, plumber, gas fitter or technician – there is an upskill course for you!

Reward Dedication

Nobody likes to feel underappreciated. Make sure to reward dedication, whether through verbal acknowledgement or a bonus, pay rise, social event, paid days off or whatever else you deem appropriate. Your staff will appreciate it, and they will remain committed to the company.

Give them a challenge

Give your staff the opportunity to put their skills to the test with challenging projects. This is a great way to keep their minds stimulated, as boredom is one of the main reasons why staff start looking for work elsewhere.

Many fields in the construction industry are suffering from a skills shortage and finding it hard to fill positions, so if you come across skilled workers it pays to hold onto them. There’s plenty of work out there, but you do need to be skilled and show enthusiasm for your work. Whether you’re a job seeker or an organisation seeking skilled workers, we hope this post has provided you with some helpful information on how to assemble and support your team.

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