E-Tech Group’s venture into the Gas Industry is a testament to the drive and determination of the Companies Directors, Our Experienced Team members come with a vast knowledge of not only the Australian Gas but also across Europe. E-Tech Group specializes in Natural & Liquid Petroleum Gas across all Sydney areas.

  • Service Laying Mains Laying
  • Pipe Laying Fault Locations & Repair
  • All Civil requirements Polly Butt Welding
  • Pipe Beveling 24 Hours Emergency Services Response
  • Gas Leaks Repairs Removal of redundant services
  • Reinstatements of Asphalt, Concrete, Pavers
  • Scanning and Locating Rail Services, Gas Suppliers, Water Utilities, and Electrical Services


  • Certified in III Civil Construction Pipe Laying
  • Staff VOC and licenced on multiple Vehicles
  • Nylon and PE Mains and Service Laying to plastic Gas Mains