Hiring Staff Yourself VS Engaging


Businesses all around Australia are under the pump thanks to a booming construction industry. When faced with the pressure that comes with increasingly complex projects and looming deadlines, it is often necessary to obtain a few extra helping hands. In this blog post we will be taking a look at the difference between hiring staff yourself VS engaging the specialist team at E-Tech. Need to fill a gap in your workforce or require specialist skills? Read on to discover the answer to your problems.

The Hiring Process – Costly and Time Intensive

Finding staff with the right qualifications and experience can be an expensive and time-consuming task, and it can often take many weeks to find the right people. The hiring process requires you to spend valuable time on creating an advertisement, publishing it online and in newspapers at further expense, and then spending your time sifting through resumes and conducting interviews. In some cases, despite hundreds of applicants applying for the role, it could turn out that no single person is suited to the job. Even if you do find the right person, you then need to begin the onboarding/training process which again takes time away from your employees and the task at hand.

How E-Tech Can Help!

By engaging the specialist team at E-Tech, you avoid all the above problems. Our staff cover all industries, including electrical, civil construction, state government infrastructure, gas infrastructure and more. Every member of our team is experienced, holds relevant qualifications and is completely committed to their job. Engaging our services will save your business valuable time and money, enabling you to complete your projects faster and rest assured that your clients will receive a job done well.

Our team have worked on large scale infrastructure projects as well as small ones, and we currently have a specialist team assisting in the rollout of the NBN. Our experience and expertise within our respective fields makes us a leading choice for businesses looking to fill gaps in their team or manage tight deadlines on their projects.

Rather than waste time formulating job advertisements, poring through resumes and conducting interviews, you can engage the team at E-Tech! We hold a broad range of accreditations and memberships including National Electrical and Communications Association, Master Builders Association and Best Practice Certifications.

We deliver:

  • Fast Results
  • The best talent across all industries: Electrical, Data Communication, Civil Construction, Government Infrastructure, Gas Infrastructure
  • Quality Service whether your project is big or small
  • Affordability – engaging the specialists at E-Tech Group will ensure you get the right workers for the job, all at an affordable price as opposed to traditional hiring methods.
  • Specialised skills – from level 2 electricians through to asbestos removalists, surveyors, data specialists, gas fitters and much more.


Don’t hire – Call E-Tech Group!

Why waste time and money on traditional hiring methods when the skills you need are only a simple phone call or online enquiry away. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service, and our team is standing by ready to assist you with your project. Contact us on 1800 683 660, or contact us through our website.