How Infrastructure Boosts and aids Tourism


Infrastructure boosts tourism mainly by making certain sites more accessible, more attractive and opening up more opportunities for development.

For example, this is the expected outcome in the multi-million dollar project for further development of the Kosciuszko National Park ($27 million funding). The area will become more accessible because of the planned development of a new 25 kilometre section of track which links to other tracks. The overall site will also become more attractive due to the new and improved infrastructure and flow of transport. Furthermore, the project will also open up more opportunities because local businesses will grow from the improved infrastructure and transport and the area will attract more investors.

Tourism starts with accessibility.

To attract more tourists, the area should be made more accessible and travelling from A to B faster and easier. In so that more time is spent at the tourism attractions. New roads and tracks will enable faster and easier flow and movement. As a result, more tourists will visit and stay in the area. The area will attract more visitors and this is a starting point in opening up more opportunities (more investors) and further infrastructure development.

How local businesses will benefit

Aside from attracting more visitors and potential investors, local businesses will also benefit from new infrastructure and tourism boost. Instead of seasonal income (e.g. only 3 winter months each year), local businesses can receive steady or growing income throughout the year.

For example, further development of Kosciuszko National Park will transform summer tourism in the region. Local businesses will benefit from a steady stream of visitors, mountain bikers and walkers. Instead of experiencing short peak sales and long dry spells, local businesses will be able to generate steady revenue month after month.

Infrastructure boosts tourism & the local economy

New infrastructure often results to positive ripple effects in the region. Aside from creating new construction jobs to complete the project, new infrastructure will also create consistent revenues for local businesses and possibly stimulate creation of new businesses in the area. This in turn could also lead to creation of new jobs in the tourism sector.

Huge construction projects result to upfront and long-term benefits. It starts with intelligent funding that results to making area’s access easier, increasing the area’s value and creating more opportunities and possibilities in the region.