The New Era in Smart Metering


At E-Tech group we are always make sure we are following with the times and the new innovation of the Electrical World.

With the modern day house hold changes; service providers are being more compatible along with customer being more tech savvy knowing how to read there meters and get the most out of there dollar.

We are moving into the Smart metering era here at E-Tech to aid your needs as a customer;

• We are installing smart meters in homes and businesses across Sydney and throughout NSW.
• Installing a smart meter will help you take charge of your own electricity bill.
• You can manage your household or business energy bill in real time and removes the nonsense of estimated bills.
• Smart meters improve energy savings and help in managing costs.
• You can compare offers from different retailers to get the best deal for you.

If you require a smart meter to be installed for your business or home please give E Tech Group. We are accredited with all major retailers and can give advice and on the spot quotes to cater for your energy needs.