How Infrastructure Boosts and aids Tourism


Infrastructure boosts tourism mainly by making certain sites more accessible, more attractive and opening up more opportunities for development. For example,…

Creating and Sustaining Jobs in the Construction Industry


A booming construction industry is often a clear sign of a country’s economic growth. If buildings and structures appear here and…

The Future of Construction Industry for Next Few Years?


There will always be a continual increasing activity through the long term as the economic machine works. There will always be…

How to Make Buildings Environment Friendly


Environmental protection and sustainability are now priorities of both the government and private sector. In fact, Sustainable Sydney 2030 prioritises the…

The New Era in Smart Metering


At E-Tech group we are always make sure we are following with the times and the new innovation of the Electrical…

E-Tech expands into Gas industries


We are excited that over the last year we have expanded into gas infrastructure.

Central Coast networking infrastructure project


Our team have won a major Central Coast networking project.

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