We are skilled in all cable technologies. We use the most reliable and flexible networking solutions to meet the changing requirements of the communications industry. We are able to handle every part of the cabling process from transporting the cable from the factory, to switching on the data flow. You need look no further than to E-Tech Group for all your cabling and communications needs.

We cover the following areas:

  • Delivery of FTTP/ FTTB / FTTC / HFC networks for developers and businesses
  • Delivery of Telstra Wideband network throughout NSW Region
  • Cut in for NBN Switchovers
  • Fibre splicing including fusion splicing (both ribbon and single fibre)
  • Fibre optic cable hauling, installation and service
  • LLM & OTDR fibre optic testing including fault finding
  • Cat 5/5e/6/6a data cabling and systems
  • Communication work supply; back bone cabling and installations
  • Installation of FDH/FDPs Including termination & testing of all backbone cabling
  • Reading & Understanding fibre


  • ACMA Open cabling registration license
  • ACMA Optical fibre registration
  • Telstra/ NBN accredited NBN Enabled
  • NBN Enabled