Assisting in the rollout of the NBN


The rollout of the NBN has not been without its share of issues, but the good news is that things are getting back on track. Once installations are complete, Australian’s will get to enjoy fast and reliable access to high-speed internet at an affordable price.

E-Tech Group have recently been working with several clients, including the NBN, to assist in the rollout of the service. The NBN represents a huge change to the telecommunications infrastructure of Australia, and it requires effort and dedication on behalf of workers. The team of specialists at E-Tech Group have gone above and beyond the call of duty, working tirelessly to meet demand and provide quality installations. In this post, we’ll be shedding some light on the NBN.


NBN Technologies

Homes and businesses around Australia will be connected using one of four different technologies. These are:

  • FTTB – Fibre to the Building
  • FTTC – Fibre to the Curb
  • FTTN – Fibre to the Node
  • HFC – Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial

Recently, the government has embraced a shift towards FTTC, a technology which promises faster speeds and a more stable connection. FTTC uses fibre which runs to the driveway, with copper phone lines only making up the final couple of meters. Most households will be connected using FTTN, but FTTC will allow for a greater speed boost so it is certainly the most attractive technology.

E-Tech Group – Connecting Australia

E-Tech Group have a dedicated team of specialists to assist in the installation of this technology, with the government recently announcing an additional 440,000 homes around Australia will receive FTTC.

Our team of data communications specialists assist with all manner of NBN work, including cable hauling, network design, switches, wireless and hybrid networks, optical fibre networks, pit and pipe, media covers/interfaces and more. There are thousands of people across Australia working on the NBN on a daily basis, and E-Tech Group are proud to play a role in bringing this technology to homes and businesses.

According to telecommunications analyst Paul Budde, expanding the FTTC network is a big win for all Australians – and we couldn’t agree more.

How does FTTC Work?

FTTC places fibre as close as possible to your premises, and the cable is then connected to the Distribution Point Unit (DPU), which might be located under the ground in your street. The existing copper network will then be linked with the fibre, providing you with a stable and fast NBN connection.

To use your service, you will also need to have a NBN connection device installed within your home or business. This will handle the power + connection to the network.

E-Tech have been hard at work in areas all around Australia, digging pits, connecting cables and overseeing the installation of this vital telecommunications technology. Our team always show great care and attention to detail, because we want your NBN experience to be a positive one.

Our Client – NBN Co

NBN Co was established in 2009, and they are on a mission to connect Australia to high-speed, reliable internet at an affordable cost. As a wholesale-only network, consumers can expect increased competition, greater choice and better deals on internet access.

The NBN is a Government Business Enterprise, and as such it is subject to objectives and standards. NBN Co has carefully chosen employees based on their unique skills and experience, and the telecommunications team at E-Tech Group have been excelling in their roles. Many members of the NBN team have come from senior management roles in large multi-national companies, and there is the opportunity for all employees to up-skill.

At all times, E-Tech aim to meet the goals and values which NBN Co strive for: Integrity, authenticity, collaboration, flexibility and discipline. 

Looking Ahead

As a leading Australian construction services company, E-Tech Group are committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Our reputation for quality service and high-standard of workmanship sets us apart from the competition, and it is something we will never compromise on. The NBN is an exciting new telecommunications project for Australia, and we look forward to continuing our work on this project. Upon completion, the NBN will benefit millions of Australians by enabling cheaper, faster and more reliable access to a high-speed broadband network. A project of this scale would not be possible without the dedication and efforts of construction service companies all over Australia, just like us.