E-Tech Group Have Attained DBYD Certification


If you’ve ever needed to do some digging, you’ve probably heard about Dial Before You Dig (DBYD). This vital service helps to ensure that individuals are safe and protected from the very real risk of injury or potentially death from live underground utility systems which may exist below the surface.

E-Tech Group are pleased to announce that we have recently achieved DBYD Locator Certification, meaning our team now have a comprehensive knowledge of how to locate underground service utilities for some of Australia’s biggest companies including Telstra, Optus, Ergon Energy, Energex and much more.

The certification program is rigorous, and in this blog post we’ll be highlighting the steps taken to achieve certification so that you have a better idea of what it takes to become a highly trained, skilled and certified locator.

What does DBYD Certification Involve?

The certification process is comprehensive, and we’ve laid out the steps below.

  1. Before commencing the official certification process a team member/organisation must firstly undertake industry approved training in locating. This helps to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the industry before getting out in the field.
  2. Work Experience (face to face training) – an experienced, fully certified locator keeps a watchful eye over the team member/organisation as they work in the field. This is a chance to learn from an expert whilst in the field, and it allows them to put their theoretical learnings into practice.
  3. Self-Assessment – Once sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge has been gained, we commence the formal assessment process. The self-assessment aims to establish your level of knowledge, understanding and ability and whether you are ready to attempt the theory and practical assessment component. If you pass the self-assessment, you can progress to the next stage. This crucial step helps individuals determine their personal ability, and it would be unwise to continue if you had doubts in any area due to the risk of failing.
  4. Enrolment in Certified Locator Program – After successfully passing the self-assessment, the team member/organisation is enrolled in the Certified Locator Program.
  5. Theory Assessment – The theory assessment takes 1-hour. It is comprised of a series of multiple choice questions on locating, and there is a maximum of 2 attempts allowed. If successful, the practical assessment can be scheduled. Those who fail the theory assessment will require further training and experience before progressing any further.
  6. Practical Assessment – A registered assessor will oversee the practical component, and if successful the organisation will be recognised as a certified locator on the official website. A card and certificate of completion is also issued, confirming successful completion of the Certified Locator Program.

Why is Locator Certification Important?

  • To protect the safety of workers and members of the public and uphold the highest standards in Work Health & Safety
  • To reduce the risk of damage to infrastructure assets and networks
  • To ensure all team members have strong theoretical and practical understanding of best practice for locating network infrastructure
  • To better meet the needs of clients in the civil construction industry by demonstrating we have met the industry standard for locators
  • To Gain Access Permissions to Subsurface Utilities Owned by Major Australian Companies

E-Tech Group are immensely proud to have achieved DBYD certification, not only does this demonstrate our commitment to workplace health and safety – it also allows us to expand our service offering as we have now been granted access to work around assets owned by Telstra, Optus and many other Australian organisations. We can reliably locate these underground services and allow our clients to commence their projects with confidence in a safe and responsible manner.

Demand for locators only continues to grow, and in passing this assessment E-Tech Group are now seen as an experienced, reputable and competent provider of location services. Safety is our number one priority, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead. 

To learn more about the Dial Before You Dig certification, please visit their website